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Sunday, 26 April 2020

What have you seen today that is beautiful and lovely?

Something beautiful and lovely

Lovely flowers are the smiles of God's goodness (William Wilberforce)

I wonder, what have you seen that is beautiful and lovely today? In Revd Lyn’s own words “my challenge to you this week is to find something beautiful and lovely in each and every day and give thanks to God. That is how I ended my blog last week. So, what have you seen this week that is beautiful and lovely?

I shall set the ball rolling, with two pictures that I took whilst I was out walking with my grandson Archie. And a rambling about cow's tongues.

The first is a picture of bluebells and if you look carefully there are also some forget-me-knots. Archie and I stopped to admire them. If you look even m closely you can just about see his feet with his wellington boots Even though it was a hot sunny day he insisted on wearing them, he is very attached to them. The flowers looked resplendent in the glorious morning sunshine. Very beautiful and lovely. Thank you, God.

The second picture is of my grandson Archie. He loves all creatures and animals and has no fear of them whatsoever. So much so, he tried to pick up a bee and is quite happy to let ants and spiders, crawl over him, which is more than I can say for his mum. You do have to watch him though because he has a tendency to squash them between his fingers. You can imagine his delight when we sat on a bench for a drink and the farm cat came and joined us. The cat came/stood/ sat/walked rolled over beside us and allowed Archie to play with him. Archie was fascinated with the cat’s nose and kept trying to touch it. The cat wasn’t at all bothered. Archie is a very affectionate little boy; he quite often comes up to you to give you a kiss and a cuddle. He is no different with any of the animals and creatures that he comes across. As you can see in the picture, he got down on his hands and knees to give the cat a kiss and a cuddle, demonstrating his affection. I do have to say the cat was very obliging. Very beautiful and lovely, thank you, God.

On another walk, further up the lane, we came across some Cows. They had lumbered to the end of the field where we were stood which was next to the water butt and proceeded to have a drink. Archie chuckled so much as he watched the cows have a drink. Their very long tongue flicking from sound to side really tickled him. Beautiful and lovely. As we stood looking at the antics of the cows tongues,I noticed what beautiful eyes they had, made especially more beautiful by their long eyelashes. Very beautiful and lovely, thank you, God.

I don’t live too far away from daughter and I give thanks to God for the beautiful and lovely countryside that surrounds us. I don’t know where all you who are reading this blog live: high rise or ground floor flat, house or bungalow, warden controlled, residential or nursing home, urban, industrial, countryside setting, it really does not matter, what matters is that when you come to the end of each day can you say thank you to God for something beautiful and lovely that you have seen that day. I have spoken of what  Archie and I have seen but maybe you have heard or read something beautiful.

My challenge to you this week is to share what you have seen that is beautiful and lovely. You can email me at and I will put them on the blog.

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