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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cuba DVD and Promise Auction

Canon Richard showed his DVD of his holiday in Cuba which was again up to his very high standard, with a continuous voice-over to the pictures.  It seems the tour company assumed they would all like to visit every Hemingway related site possible, but was none the less enjoyable for that.  The country looked fascinating with the selection of very old American cars contrasting with the beautiful countryside.

After a faith meal, we settled down to the promise auction which raised a commendable £341 towards church funds.  Thanks to all those who made promises of services to be provided, and to all those who made bids on the items, not everyone could win.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Everything about God

The EPIC (Eleven Plus In Church) young people have been making this patchwork for several weeks.  They have also raised over £300 to pay for a well in Kenya, well done!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Wayside Pulpit

Promise Auction and Cuba DVD

Happy New Year Everyone

We would like to remind you of the upcoming fellowship and fundraising event at St John's and update you on some new arrangements.

Firstly, a huge thank you to those people who have offered Promises already. We have a wide range from pet sitting and fine dining to beauty treatments!
The full list will be available from Sunday but there are still some Promises unconfirmed.
We have spoken to lots of people over the last 6 weeks and have had some great ideas put forward, including: 2hrs to move, carry;  a day out; tidy a garden shed; an afternoon tea. 
So, if you have some time to share please pledge a Promise for the auction.
Contact Barbara Ballantyne (beballantyne@hotmail) or Chris Jones, ASAP.

Secondly, we using a 'select-a-seat' seating plan, so everyone will know where they are sitting before they arrive. 
It is hoped that this will help everyone to feel welcome, and included, and give the opportunity to meet some new people.

Thirdly, lifts are available if needed (ask when you buy your ticket).

All that is left is to encourage everyone to support us in any way you can. 
We look forward to seeing you there.

Event : Promise Auction and Cuba DVD 
Date : 19th January. 
Time : 7pm . 
Cost : £2 adults, £1 Concessions, £5 Family Tickets (available after the service and on the door)
Faith Supper and bring your own drinks.

Barbara Ballantyne