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Sunday, 5 April 2020

Palm Sunday activity

What a lovely morning.  I did Morning Prayer using the text with links (thank you David) to the sermon and prayers (thank you Chris) and at 9 am Dave and I, with paten and chalice at the ready, joined with Bishop David and Archdeacon Karen in a service of Holy Communion.  I will soon be putting my home made cross, made from the instruction video, in my study window.

If you see this and have young children who need to be occupied, perhaps you could get them to make some simple palm trees from paper.  Look at the picture below; using a piece of A4 paper, make cuts where you see lines, long cuts at the top and small, more widely spaced cuts at the bottom.  Roll the paper fairly tightly and secure with sellotape.  Bend the top cuts over and the bottom cuts outward to help the tree to stand .

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