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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Good Friday Young People's Service

Jackie Calow provided a Seder meal at the "Come to the Cross" service for the young people of the Church on Good Friday, as she says below:

"The message was to remember the story of the Passover, its significance for us throughout Holy Week and especially on Maunday Thursday and how Jesus is the new Passover Lamb. All traditional Seder foods were made and shared, including lots of grape juice instead of glasses of wine"

Exhibition: Stations of the Cross

If you are in Manchester before May 14th, I thoroughly recommend a visit to the Cathedral to experience this series of paintings by Ghislaine Howard. The large, stark canvases vividly express the central gospel message in a powerful and challenging way. They are profoundly moving. There are accompanying leaflets providing further stimulation in the form of poetry and meditations.

Dermot Foster