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Saturday, 28 March 2020

A cup as Prayer

Today (Saturday - I know some of you get this the day after I've written it) is the final day that I will be writing about how a cup can speak to us about our relationship with God.  Today, for the second time, my thought comes from something I read in Joyce Rupp's book, "The cup of our life".  The idea of using a cup has been the springboard for my many musings.  Rupp's book is full of meditations where she invites the reader to hold a cup in their hands.  In one chapter she suggests that we hold the cup in one hand but put the other hand over the cup, as we might if we were refusing a refill from someone who was offering hospitality. 

Think now, about whether or not there have been times when you have prevented God from pouring out His gifts.  We say that patience is a virtue, I think of it as a gift. There have certainly been times when I've prayed for it!  Have you ever resisted the gift of patience because you prefer what you see as righteous indignation?  Have you ever resisted the gift of reconciliation because you prefer to continue to feel aggrieved?  I'm sure we've all done this from time to time.  Let us ask God for His forgiveness and His help to move the covering hand so that the gifts can flow freely into our lives. 

Tomorrow (or later today in readiness for tomorrow) I will attempt to make a video for David to put onto the website rather than my putting a post on the blog.  (My goodness, the Vicar's getting very brave with this IT lark!)  I might produce a full service with some thoughts on the readings for the day and/or a meditation on the gospel passage and pass them to David to put on the website.  Check the website to see what appears.

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