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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Reflection on a cup day 3

This Wedgewood mug has a beautiful butterfly design.  Joyce Rupp wrote a reflection on a mug, and although she didn’t use a butterfly mug, she quoted Laurie Beth Jones, who said that the scales on a butterfly's wings are actually solar cells and that butterflies have to spread their wings in the morning sunshine in order to soak up that God given energy, without which, they could not fly.

As you look at your cup or mug today, think about it’s boundaries, it’s sides and it’s base.  Without these boundaries, the cup could not perform the function for which it was made.  Without boundaries, it could not contain anything; it could not be filled. As spiritual beings, we need boundaries, boundaries around the time we spend with God.  We need to spend time getting to know God, and our true selves better.  Without those boundaries it would be impossible for us to contain all the good things that God wants to pour into our lives and it would be impossible for us to perform the function for which we were made.

Joyce Rupp's reflection speaks of a cup having an opening, from which it can give and receive.  If we wish to serve God by giving of ourselves to others, we must also make time to receive from Him.  Today is Sunday, the day when we remember that God Himself rested.  Many Mothers will rest today as a treat on Mothering Sunday but whether you are a Mother or not, take time today to be with God, to receive from Him so that like a beautiful butterfly, you can spread your spiritual wings and fly.

(My thoughts, developed after reading Joyce Rupp, “The cup of our life”)

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