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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Emptying and refilling

The purpose of a cup or mug is not only to hold a beverage, it is to give away its contents.  Think about your morning tea or coffee, if the contents of the cup were not fully consumed, what was left in the cup would become cold and uninviting.  God pours His gifts into our lives, are we using those gifts in the service of others or are we letting our faith get cold, stale and uninviting?

If you don't think that God has given you gifts that you can share, think again!  Ask Him to show you what gifts you can use in the service of others. If nothing else, God certainly pours His love into your life; share that love with others. Now is the time to ring a neighbour to check on them, let them know that somebody cares.  God has given you the gift of faith, share that with others, not in an overbearing way but do something simple like offering to pray for something that concerns a friend or neighbour. 

Whenever we give of our gifts in the service of God and others, God refills us, time and time again, so that what we offer is always fresh and inviting.  What can you give away today?

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