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Monday, 30 March 2020


I've just seen a message from Bishop David on facebook which says that he has exercised his authority to relax the rule that says that a priest can only celebrate the Eucharist if there is at least one other person present; and since we are also told that we cannot stream services from the church building, I assume that he has also relaxed the rule that prevents us from consecrating the elements anywhere but a place especially designed and consecrated for such purposes.  With this in mind, I might video a full service of Holy Communion from the Vicarage on Sunday.  Would going across the road to church to collect the necessary vessels etc. be classed as an essential journey to work?  I do have chalices and patens from the holy land but they are not silver - and I suppose I could use gluten free bread and Merlot instead of communion wafers and wine - I will think about that.  Watch this space!

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