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Monday, 23 March 2020

Great minds?

My Husband Dave and I must be thinking the same thoughts.  After the post I put on the blog yesterday, I looked at Dave's blog and found this:

God in the everyday.

  This morning I was looking through one of my old journals and came across this entry about a butterfly. I took this picture four years ago almost to the day. Spring was breaking through and the weather then was sunny as it has been over the past few days.

"Watching the butterfly land on the heather, I noticed how it angles itself to face and catch the heat of the sunlight. Life is about angling oneself to face and catch the light of Christ."

As we travel through these uncertain times, I pray that you may angle yourself to face and catch the light of Christ each and every day.

Keep safe, follow the Government’s advice and look out for the post about using our homes as prayer stations.
Peace be with you.

His take on butterflies is slightly different to mine but I was amazed to see what he had written.  We must be more in tune than I had realised! 

God bless


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