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Monday, 23 March 2020

cup reflection day 4

I keep a cup in my cupboard which looks perfect on the outside. It matches other cups that I have but while it looks fine on the outside, if you look inside the cup you will see a very fine crack. How many of our lives are like that, looking fine on the outside but with imperfections hidden inside?  Maybe our lives are fine on the outside but showing the very first signs of falling apart inside. We may want to look the same as others and so choose not to reveal our hidden faults or brokenness. 

I keep the cup to remind me that I need to examine my interior life because I know that even the finest cracks can harbour germs. If being hurt by another has caused a fine crack in our lives, we need to be careful that germs of resentment or ill will don’t take up residence. If our perfect exterior hides a secret sin, it can cause us to rail against that same sin in others.

Unlike cups, we can take both our brokenness and our faults to Jesus.  We can be made whole. Examine your interior life today and ask the Lord to bring healing and wholeness.

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