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Sunday, 24 May 2020

The first thing i will do

The first thing you are going to do.

When I first started this blog, I spoke about the beautiful and lovely walks I was having with my grandson Archie. The morning walks are continuing and this week it was a great pleasure to take Archie to feed the ducks both in Queens Park, Heywood and Hollingworth Lake. His little face lit up when I told him we were going to do this. This is something which Archie has really missed doing these last few months

A few days ago, a friend said to me “I have told you of all that I am going to do after lockdown but I never heard you say what you are going to do. My friend is an avid fan of a particular designer outlet store.  When lockdown is over and it opens, to the public again, I know she will be the first in the queue. So, I have two questions for you this week, “What have you missed most during this lockdown and what is the first thing you are going to do when it is ended? As for myself, there is so much that I have missed, including seeing my two granddaughters, seeing them and spending time with them will be my highest priority.

Continuing with the theme of something beautiful and lovely, Edna has very kindly shared some pictures of the birds visiting their garden

Bullfinch eating forget-me-not seeds

A chaffinch eating at our bird feeder- one of lots of birds that eat outside our window and keep us entertained

A dunnock that likes to pick up all the dropped seed from under the feeders.

A blackbird enjoying his daily apple

Lilac weighed down with flowers and with a wonderful scent.

Edna goes on to say " the crow's eggs have hatched and we can occasionally see young stretching up to be fed"

Edna and David both realise how lucky they are that they have the garden with all the wildlife visiting. Edna has also heard the first swallows and swifts of the year flying over.


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