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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Something beautiful and lovely

Continuing with the theme of something beautiful and lovely, I invite you to take a stroll around David and Edna’s garden. It is indeed very beautiful and lovely. Edna says “I went up in the garden yesterday and took these photos. They show:"

Nest in our oak tree with a very patient crow sitting on eggs

First May blossom in hedge

Marsh marigold in our pond-which is also full of fast growing tadpoles

Horse chestnut in flower

Pink campion in flower

Wild garlic in flower

Edna goes on to say "every time we go in the garden there is something new to see- unfurling fern fronds, seedlings emerging, birds feeding their newly fledged young, first sight of wall brown butterfly, bees and hoverflies visiting the newly opened flowers".
It is a reminder in these uncertain times nature continues and we all be grateful and give thanks to God.
Edna has suggested that you might like to see this- it is a poem which has been set to music by a fellow member of Saddleworth Musical society. 

A  parishioner told me “there was a knock on the door and when I answered it a young man stood there. I asked who he was and he said I am from Oldham Athletic football club. You have been nominated to receive a food parcel which he then left on the doorstep. I was quite shocked but very pleasantly surprised I couldn’t believe someone would be so kind enough to do this. There were lots of goodies in there which my husband and I really enjoyed.

During this lockdown period communities have been brought together in all manner of ways. The VE day celebration’s on Friday being a really good example of this. Her Majesty the Queen contributed with her uplifting speech and moral support at a time when the world is hurting .In the local village opposite the war memorial, a world war memorial was unveiled representing 75 years of victory in Europe. It has touched the hearts of many who have seen it

Please continue to keep your something beautiful and lovely coming.

I would also like to give you another challenge. Last week I posted 2 pictures showing how my son-in-law had been creative and with some improvisation created a slide for my grandson and a net so he could practice his golf. I wonder what you have created or improvised with? Do let me know either by email;, or by phone; 07962576457 during this lockdown period?

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