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Sunday, 3 May 2020

Self distancing, Rainbows galore, slides, frogs and golf

What have you seen that is beautiful and lovely?

Barbara Lewis. Barbara told me about the football field close to her house. It was carpeted with swathes of beautiful daisies even if they are weeds. Of course, under normal circumstances, they would have been trampled into the ground by the footballer’s boots.
Revd Lyn has said  two things, in particular, stood out as being beautiful and lovely, both are from an early morning walk with my husband Dave: those people who have self-distanced themselves from us as they have seen us walking towards them, a tree beginning to burst into life with flowers

This leads nicely onto a beautiful picture of a rainbow sent by Denise and some other pictures of rainbows that I spotted whilst driving to pick up my click and collect shopping. The rainbows had been laminated and were attached to stakes stuck in the ground on either side of the road. What made them especially beautiful and lovely was that there were so many of them, maybe for 2 miles or so. Also, very fitting that we should see these things on the day the prime minister announced we have reached the peak of the pandemic. True signs of hope.

Below are some pictures of what my family and I think has been beautiful and lovely this week

One of the many rainbows by the roadside

Archie's daddies answer to Archie's longing to go to the park

A baby frog spotted in Nana's pond

This what a golf fanatic does when he is having withdrawal symptoms.

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