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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Childhood Memories

Childhood memories.

We all have our childhood memories and earlier this week my daughter told me about one of her younger sister’s childhood memories. The memory was brought back by the hearing the jingle-jangle music of the ice cream van which happened to stop outside her front door. It was the first time she had seen an ice cream van on her street and of course, it was the first time for my grandson, Archie too.  So, we had a cone with all the trappings: flake, hundreds and thousands and raspberry sauce. The ice cream was the soft Mr Whippy type which was a particular favourite of Charlotte’s my youngest daughter.  The only problem was it was very close to Archie’s teatime. Nana did the unthinkable and persuaded his mummy to let him have the ice cream before his tea, after all, what are nana’s for!  Then came the familiar comment that parents often hear from their children “ you never let us do that, we always had to put the ice cream in the freezer to have after our tea” Apparently this was one of Charlotte’s bug-bears as she said once the ice cream came out of the freezer it was no longer soft like Mr Whippy. Now I understand why Charlotte always wanted hers before her tea.

I wonder what the bug-bears of your childhood were, perhaps you would like to share them.

And now for something beautiful and lovely 

Archie and I saw this hanging from a tree on one of our walks. It is difficult to tell from the picture but is made from pipe cleaners, Such a simple but effective idea.

And finally, I think this one goes under the heading of improvisation. After finishing his ice cream, Archie decided to wash his hands in the watering can!   

 his reminded me we need to thank God each and every day for our water supply and pray for those who don't have that luxury.

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