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Sunday, 17 May 2020


How are you a

In last week’s blog I left you with a challenge and asked “What have you have created or improvised with” I think it might have been more appropriate to ask “how have you adapted to lockdown”

The church nationally and globally has adapted at a rapid speed using various methods of technology to broadcast services, hold meetings, and maintain contact with their congregations. YouTube, Facebook, Church websites, zoom meetings, WhatsApp, phoned have all proved very popular as churches strive to keep the word of God alive and meaningful.

St John the Baptist Hey is no exception.

The first thing that sprung to mind was this blog which I have created.  There is nobody more surprised about this than myself. I usually refer to myself as a technological dinosaur, now I’m not so sure I can now continue to claim this title.  Those of you who are technologically savvy will also have seen blogs that have been posted by Revd Lyn, Revd Sally and David Green. You may also have seen the weekly service that has been broadcast including hymns from YouTube. 

I conducted a funeral last Thursday and just before the service began the funeral director ran inside the crematorium to switch the webcam on. Family from the south were going to view the service from home. I am sure this must have been very comforting for them.

Many of us have had to adapt the way in which we do our shopping. Never having tried grocery shopping online I decided to give click and collect a whirl. I have generally been very impressed. Click what you want online, choose a slot to collect, drive to the supermarket, give your name, shopping which is already packed is loaded into your car and of you go. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Revd Lyn has been very busy this week looking at ways in which the church can offer more support to those living in various care homes and sheltered accommodation in our communities. At the forefront of giving this support is an assessment of the technology available in these settings and hopefully getting some funding to improve this and the care we can offer as a church.

Continuing with something beautiful and lovely.

A hospital consultant met one of his young patients who has multiple health problems in the hospital car park so she would not be put at further risk by entering the hospital.

Leading on from Revd Lyn’s work with the various care settings there is nothing more beautiful and lovely than an answer to prayer. On a daily basis, Revd Lyn stands outside various care settings and prays for all who live and work there. After doing this at one particular care home Lyn was asked to speak to a resident who was very upset about the number of deaths relating to Covid-19. She was very tearful and was struggling to sleep as it brought back memories of the war years. Using WhatsApp Revd Lyn chatted with the lady and prayed for her. As Revd Lyn was praying with her, she fell asleep. A day or two later the home manager rang and said this lady had got her sparkle back and she was more like her old herself.  Never underestimate the power of prayer.

During lockdown Lyn’s grandson, Robert celebrated his 18th birthday. Robert’s love of Liam Gallagher and the brit-pop era (hence the appearance of both ginger spice and baby spice) is what prompted the theme for his socially distancing birthday bash.  In the words of Revd Lyn “It is so very beautiful and lovely that my daughter went to such great lengths to ensure my grandson was able to celebrate his birthday.


 I do have to say the birthday cake looks very beautiful and lovely and might I add scrumptious.

And finally, on a completely different note, I learnt a very important lesson from my grandson this week, one should always wear one’s wellies when baking!!!

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