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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

We are all Disciples

We are all Disciples
Deanery Day
20th October 2018 at St John the Baptist Church and Hall, Hey

The question is, “How does knowing that we are all disciples affect how we live our lives, not just on Sunday, but on Monday to Friday too?” That’s a pretty big question and the subject of a major piece of research produced in February 2017 by the Archbishops Council entitled “Setting God’s People Free”.

The Vocations Group of Oldham East Deanery Mission & Pastoral Committee has been considering how we can help people to understand their role as Christians and how they can be resourced and set free to act out their faith every day. We are making a start with a Deanery Day on Saturday, 20th October at St John’s Church entitled “We are all Disciples”. We will gather for coffee at 10 am and have a programme of worship and talks that will finish at 3 pm.

The keynote speakers are Bishop Mark (Middleton), who will lead our session on “Understanding St Luke’s Gospel Better”, and Jamie Mackenzie, Diocesan Local Ministry Officer, who will lead the session entitled “Be More Comfortable as Disciples”.

Do please put the date in your diary and make sure that you don’t miss out on the start of this exciting new programme.

Deanery DMPC Vocations Group

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